Mobile Flat Tire Services

Mobile Tire Installation

Our mobile One Hour Tire fleet comes directly to your home or work place to help with mobile flat tire repairs. With accurate appointment scheduling we’ll be in and out of your hair with A+ service anytime of day. You can either provide the tire for your replacement or we can find a one through our network of tire providers to find you the best quality tire at an amazingly reasonable price.

Have a Flat Tire?

Have a flat tire? We specialize in providing quality and efficient mobile flat tire repair services. We make it as easy as finding your tire type, scheduling an appointment and we'll take care of the rest. Mobile flat tire repairs are just one of the many services we provide along side our multi point inspection that comes includes when booking your appointment.

Mobile Tire Service You Can Count On


Let us get you back safely on the road!!!


Includes Plug Cost or Putting Your Spare
On If Tire Can't Be Plugged

Plus Tax - No Surprises - No Extra Fees

Spare Tire Swap


Plus Tax



Tire Replacement


Plus the Cost of the Replacement Tire, Plus Tax



Locking Lug Nut Extraction


In addition to other services.

$89.95 as a stand alone service.


Tire Rotation


Includes tire inspection, and air-pressure adjustment

Plus Tax - TPMS service extra









Tire Tips







Frequently Asked Questions For Flat Tires

The short answer is nothing good happens when you drive on a flat tire. First, it compromises your ability to control your vehicle. Your steering and braking are both reduced when you have a flat tire. Not to mention trying to get your nerves under control. All of this is covered already though.

Second, it will severely damage your tire and rim. A flat tire doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. However, prolonged riding on a flat tire will cause irreparable damage.

In addition to damaging the tire; the longer you spend driving on the flat, the greater the chance of damaging the rim of your car, too. This is especially bad if you are away from home because now you need to replace the rim as well.

The moral of the story, get off the road as soon as possible with a flat tire.

Book an appointment for your flat tire replacement.

You can potentially drive for several hundred yards at a low speed on a flat tire. Safety is of primary concern here, as was mentioned above, you want to find a safe place to get off the road. So, if you have to drive for a few hundred yards on a flat you can do so.

You don’t want to come to a dead stop in the middle of the road, which will create a whole new set of problems. Slow your vehicle down to around 15-20 MPH. This will allow you to maintain control of your vehicle and get you to a safe location to repair your tire.

Keep in mind that the longer you drive on a flat tire the more damage you will do to the tire. Driving 15-20 MPH for several hundred yards will most likely destroy the tire. Remember, though, that safety is paramount, and a new tire is a small price to pay.

This is not talking about a tire blow out. With a tire blowout, you don’t have the luxury of driving a few hundred yards. You need to get off the road as quickly and safely as possible.

So, you’re not too excited about the prospect of changing your own flat tire. I don’t blame you, it’s dirty, it can be unnerving, why bother? So who can you call? Depending on where you are at, you could call family or friends to help you out; preferably ones who will be able to help you change your tire. Family or friends are free and they aren’t going to mind helping you.

If you are far from home, a roadside assistance program may be the way to go. This is of course if you are signed up for one. If you’re going on a road trip or generally find yourself in the car often; it may not be a bad idea to have a roadside assistance subscription.

Another option, along the same vein, is calling your insurance company. Some insurance companies provide normal roadside services, like gas, flat tire, and dead battery jump. Usually, you have to sign up for this service ahead of time. So again, if you are a heavy commuter or going on a long road trip, this may be worth investigating. There are apps out there that claim to offer emergency services. I can not recommend any here as a majority of people had a poor experience with them.

Lastly, One Hour Tires. In the middle of the day, this should be no problem. We will have one of our tire specialist come directly to your door step to service your vehicle. With no headaches we will do your flat tire replacement from the comfort of your home/business.

You should swap it with a new tire as soon as possible. Spares are only meant to get you around for a few days until a regular tire can be installed. We can replace it with your spare, or we can tow you (within your towing distance) to a retailer to have a new tire installed.

A tire blowout is a lot less fun than both of the above situations. They always happen suddenly and unexpectedly, but they can be handled if you know what to do.

The first thing to remember is, DON’T PANIC! There will be a lot of noise and your steering will become considerably more difficult. By maintaining your cool, you will stay on top of the situation.

Us here at One Hour Tires offer some fine insights on how to handle a tire blowout. They include:

  • Not Panicking
  • Gaining control of your vehicle
  • Getting off the road